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February 18, 2022

Stop Confusing, Cost, Price & Value

April 8, 2022

Stop Kicking. So You "Think" You Want To Work With A Career Coach

March 25, 2022

Three Pieces Of Advice From A 24 Yr. Old

February 18, 2022

Stop Asking:  “What Do I Want To Do Next?” Start Asking “What Problems Do I Want To Solve?”

February 18, 2022

Want More Success? Start Go Giving

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Find out from past members how this has been their game changer to their search.

Adam Miller
Adam Miller
Manager, Demand Generation

I was initially skeptical about how Loren could help, but was pleasantly surprised to have a coach working with me every step of the way. She led me through the job search, interviewing process, and negotiations. By week five, I started a new job

Amy Shiller Brown
Amy Shiller Brown
Account Director

I have no doubt that my job offer was a direct result of everything Loren taught me: access the hidden job market, know your value, focus, position yourself for what you want, negotiate for what you are worth, and be rewarded for the value you bring to the table.

Priyanka Karan
Priyanka Karan
Digital Product Leader

Loren is truly an expert in her craft. She is someone who gets genuine joy in helping people find their next professional homes. Her tactics for uncovering the HIDDEN job market are simple, effective, and should be used by anyone looking for their next move.

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