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We can’t be friends (jk) 

He’s my hero. 

And, I had the great honor of meeting him when he was my guest on “Blast In A Half” (LinkedIn Live) 

More on that below. 

First, why is he my hero? 

Here’s why:

Two years ago, before I started PortfolioRocket,  I met with career advisors at the top design schools in Chicago. I wanted to hear their pain points in launching students into their careers and help me build a rock solid curriculum for the design executives I work with. 

What I learned made me crazy. 

Kept me up for nights 

And lit a fire under my butt. 

Here it is:

The most well reputed, charged $250,000 for 4 year tuition. 

But, that’s not the crazy part. 

The crazy part? 

They shared, up to 75% or more were said to end up as baristas, making lattes.

That’s tragic

Chris Do knew this. 

Long before I did. 

AND he’s been doing something about it and IS doing something about this. 

Do’s mission is to help 1B people make a living doing what they love (without losing their soul). His online school the futur is a better version of the private art school – minus the crippling debt.

Chris was on my LinkedIn Live to help us all: 

Stop Confusing, Cost, Price and Value. 

Here my top three takeaways from the 37 minutes of packed VALUE  

Think Like Gucci

You go into the Gucci store, do you try to bargain? 

Do you say… Neiman Marcus has this bag for 1/6 of the price and Target is 100x less the price. 

What can you do for me? 

Ahh, no. 

They're going to point to the door.  

They don't negotiate. . They set the price for customers who can afford the bag. 

Setting the price higher, creates a feeling within the consumer. 

If they set the prince lower, the desire to have such things becomes less 

because we'd LOVE scarcity.

 Price Tells A Story

What story are you telling with the price that you're setting? 

Are you going to be the discount service provider? 

Are you going to be the premium service provider? 

Are you world class in your talent?  

Does your price reflect that? 

If you're a world class superstar creative person, CMO, architect, logo designer. videographer, superstar, but charging bargain basement price. 

One of two things it's true. Not both.


Anchoring Is form of cognitive bias, cognitive of the brain –  the way that you think.  

And, this is a bias we tend to rely on from the first piece of information  we get. 

Chris explains this masterfully – and admits it’s “complicated”.  

Here it is:  LINK

The question is are you thinking like Gucci or like Target and why?

What is your price (comp/salary) saying about you? 

Which situations will you throw out the first number for and which ones will you have them?

These 37 minutes are a masterclass for jobseekers, independent business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders. 

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