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Three Pieces Of Advice From A 24 Yr. Old

When you hear "Be Obsessed With Learning" from your 24 yr. old, touting this, as his best advice to anyone -- you pay attention.

Sure, I'm a proud Mom. And I won't lie and say, I'm not biased. Parents oooh and ahh.

My younger son Sam recently came back from 150 days working from San Miguel, Mexico. He works for @Bucket Listers a company that provides people with opportunities to live out what's on their "bucket list".

One of his was to become fluent in Spanish. ✅. He pitched the idea to move to Mexico to the CEO soon after he joined the company last fall. They bit, he scored. This is his one of his "offices". The other his office mate John, who has been traveling the world for three years with his wife Karen.

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I hesitated to ask Sam if I could interview him on video fearing I'd be met with resistance or too over the top but was pleasantly surprised when he spared the teenage eye rolls as he took it in.

His nuggets of wisdom weren't lost on me and believe are worth sharing for Rocket Readout readers.

Find time for alone time.

Many of us don't have the luxury of long periods of alone time. I didn't discover or appreciate mine until well into my 30's. But it's not just having the alone time. What I learned from Sam is the best part of alone time is where your alone time takes you.

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Spontaneous discoveries, time for reflection, self restoration, and/or meeting new people are especially ripe when alone. And, with so many of use working from home and re-entering the workplace I've been hearing how refreshing it is to "see people" and look them in the eye (sans Zoom) and have free-er conversations, picking up all the things missed on and off camera.

Find some time. Just for you.

Minimize your regrets.

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No one lives a life with no regrets, but we can reduce them.

Too often I hear: "I've been putting my job search off for at least a year" or

"I wish I had taken action months ago but I was afraid"

or "I knew I was miserable, but when I was let go, I was unprepared"

You can refund misery but you can't refund time.

Be OBSESSED with learning.

As a kid, Sam's followed a restricted diet of plain noodles (hold the butter) and occasional chicken nugget or bagel.

But hello octopus, crickets, cervice, and cactus ice cream.

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Trying new things. Exploring new opportunities. Meeting new people.

This is what we encourage our kids to do and yet we get stuck in the grooves of old habits, expired beliefs and talk tracks that have collected more dust than an attic.

If you haven't done something new today, it's go time. If you're not learning or growing in your current work life, change that, because you can.

Which one of pieces of advice strikes the right note for you?

What will you do with it in the next 150 days?

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