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Want More Success? Start Go Giving 

If you’re not familiar with Bob Burg, co-author of The Go Giver,

You’re welcome. 

The Go Giver is an international bestseller translated into over 30 languages … 

AND it’s the strategy of G0-Giving that has transformed the most successful companies, leaders, teams and job candidates into lifelong winners. 

I recently interviewed Bob on my LinkedIn Live Show, Blast In A Half. 

His three biggest game changers: 

Want Long and Meaningful Relationships? 

Focus on 

“How YOU can add value to that other person and to that person's life” 

Focusing on them. It's making it about them. 

This sounds so basic, yet so few are doing it. 

And here’s the reason why it is so game changing: 

When we can focus genuinely, on that other person, and want to know about them and know how we can help them we're much more likely to have that person become very interested in forming a relationship with us.  

And then when we follow up appropriately, we’re able to connect with them so by the time you need to ask someone for something, the know, like and TRUST is already there. 

Is Being a Go Giver, ALSO  People Pleasing? 

Make note, (and a post-it if need be) Bob explains: 

“There’s nothing absolutely nothing about being a go giver that’s congruent with being a doormat, martyr, or self sacrificial in any way, shape or form. If you’re suffering from this, you may be enjoying an unconscious payoff” 

When Is Enough Enough? 

When should you stop giving value to a person who doesn't appreciate it or is taking advantage of you? 

Bob explains: “This is where we need to know what our boundaries are and we need to know what's appropriate and what isn't. 

The first time it happens, okay, you got taken by surprise. 

But you should never be taken by surprise by that same thing again, because if it's happened once now you're able to prepare for it” 

You've got to be tactful and diplomatic. 

Here’s the simple response:   

It seems like you're receiving some value from our conversations.  

They say, yeah, I really am. 

I'm so happy to hear that, you know, this is what I do for a profession. 

If you’d like to have a professional relationship with me, where I'm able to provide this value and help you to grow in your, you know, whatever it is they want to do. 

Let's put that together and we can start whenever you like. 

How are you building Go Giving relationships and  who will you make it about today? 

These 32 minutes are a relationship masterclass for jobseekers, independent business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders. 

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