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Imagine never scanning job boards or being blown off by recruiters again

It just got a whole lot harder to miss out on the 85% of jobs they don’t tell you about
our clients have scored coveted roles at:

You’ve got the skills and earned your stripes. But that’s not your problem.

Your resume’s lost in the “recruiter hell” of automated systems.
You know the skills it takes, but the job board obviously doesn’t.
You can’t afford to risk it all with an economy like this.
Your toxic boss won’t support you taking a chance.
You have the right mindset to get what you want. You know your value as a professional. No one can tell you what you deserve.
You don’t scan the job boards at work because your boss might find out. You only find sub-standard positions there anyways.
If you’re looking for a J.O.B. or want to continue depending on recruiters or job boards, stop scrolling now!

Chief Marketing Officer

US Head of Integrated Media

every “you’re hired” in your future job starts with you.

You’ve got the skills. You’ve put in the work. When you look in the mirror at night, there’s only one person staring back.

Only one person stands between sleepless nights and the carefree life of where you want to be.
now, imagine someone went through the bs so you don’t have to. on your team.
Regardless of what got you here now. Our team is about propelling you forward.

Even if you’ve got a million reasons why you haven’t jumped.

Time to invest in your new self. the team’s here to help.

i’m loren Greiff, and I’m piloting the career rocket taking you where you want to go.
Destroying the narrative of why you can’t (insert goals here).

Replacing the root canal mentality of taking a chance on yourself.

Lived the corporate ups-and-downs so you can enjoy missing out on them.
you didn’t really think we weren’t bringing an entire army to back you up, did you?
It took 40k people to make a successful moon landing.

To maximize your career trajectory, we’re bringing you the best.

Call them your pit crew. Your support. Whatever sounds good on your flight path.

The PortfolioRocket team is your navigator. Your ground control. Your refueling team.

Susan Gouijnstook

Chief Solutions Officer | Product Innovator | Strategy | Edtech Leader | Board Member | CHIEF
“I met Loren in the summer of 2022  at a time when I was rethinking my career choices. Loren’s warm and direct, no-holds-barred style was instantly appealing but I wasn’t sure it was worth the investment at the time.  Several months later,  I took a leap of faith, trusting Loren’s advice to invest in myself, and signed up for 1:1 coaching with Loren.  It was by far one of the best career related decisions I have ever made. Loren’s focused 1:1 sessions gave me the targeted, specific direction I needed at that point in my career, where I was  coming off 16 years in one organization, with limited experience in the marketplace. Her group sessions and guest speakers were insightful, inspiring, and motivating. Her focus on the whole being - not just the actions of career planning and progression - forced me to take a step back, slow down, and move forward with intentionality.  The end result is a role I love at a mission driven organization overflowing with incredible leaders and thinkers. It was worth the wait! I highly recommend Loren to any leader seeking a highly experienced, deeply compassionate, marketplace expert to help you make the right  career change.  Loren is one of a kind.”

Ethan Smith

Design Leadership | Customer Focused Products & Services | Guiding Orgs on the Path to Design Maturity | Outdoor Nut | INT-J / DiSC CD
I“t was clear from the very first time I talked with Loren that she got it. She knew what I was trying to do and more importantly cut right down to the things that I value deeply - all in the first 15 minutes. She was a fantastic partner in evaluating my situation and forcing me to be objective in targeting what I really wanted. Success in my case came surprisingly early in working with the PortfolioRocket program - I landed not only a new position, I notched a major career move in every way that matters. I'm still using what I learned from Loren and PortfolioRocket and will be for the rest of my career.”

Know where you’re
going before your feet leave the ground.


Ground Control

  • WHY/values
  • Search/source strategy
  • Problems you solve
  • Personal criteria



  • Linkedln
  • Content strategy
  • Portfolio/visual work samples
  • Resume



  • Ethical line jumping
  • Networking
  • Interviewing
  • Triggers



  • Sniff testing
  • Comp package negotiation
  • Onboarding including 30.60.90 planning

Like a career accelerator.
Unlike any career accelerator.

Recruiters care about their numbers. Job boards don’t have all the facts. Employers trust a faulty automated process to filter your resume. It’s the broken system that set you on your current course.

You’ve been flying on autopilot in your career search
(and not a very good pilot at that).

It’s one small step to accept that failure. One giant leap to take ownership and correct your career trajectory.

And that’s what PortfolioRocket’s all about.
We’re not job coaches. We’re not recruiters. And we don’t claim to be experts at beating the competition for sub-par jobs. There are no quick fixes here. No magic formulas.

Just good ol fashioned hard work mixed with a like-minded community full of the right attitude.

If you’re settling for a quick fix. If you’ll make excuses for why you aren’t where you want to be. If you think a job equals a paycheck. This isn’t the program for you.

But if you’re ready to step into the unknown and find where your career belongs, it’s time to rocket.
Today’s the day you stop being a metric. A job to place. It’s the day you start to earn the “you’re hired” from the employer you deserve.

Priyanka Karan

( Digital Product Leader )
“Loren is truly an expert in her craft. She is someone who gets genuine joy in helping people find their next professional homes. Her tactics for uncovering the HIDDEN job market are simple, effective, and should be used by anyone looking for their next move”
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Why Portfolio Rocket?

What's It Like To Work With Loren?
What does NOW look like?

you’ve got 3 ways to set your career path and rocket away

Private Shuttle
This is where you land among the stars.
1 on 1 sessions. Custom engagements. Slack channel with opportunities you don’t want to pass up. And industry experts to guide you.

If you feel like your career’s sitting on another planet, this is how you blast off and find it.
GROUP  Shuttle
Your community will eclipse any fears you have left of the great career unknown.

12 weekly group sessions with homework. A Slack community to lean on. Guest speakers sharing knowledge.

When you come back down to Earth, it’ll be with a whole new perspective.
30 day blast
If you’ve been sitting on top of a rocket and staring at the sky, this will give you the suit and some fuel in the tanks.

4 mandatory sessions to discover your purpose, fix your job search strategy, and unlock your networking and negotiation success.

i’m ready to inject some high-octane into my career search.

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over 327 rocketeers and counting
over 327 rocketeers and counting