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The job market has entered a new galaxy.

Today’s job market is experiencing the most radical, unprecedented shift in history.  Why are you still job searching the same way?

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Explore the landscape

Explore the creative landscape and requirements needed to stay relevant. PortfolioRocket clients receive clarity and tools to powerfully take the controls of job searching and minimize the feelings of powerlessness and the dreaded wait and see game.

Become a unique being

Learn to differentiate yourself. Discover what makes you uniquely and supremely head and shoulders the right choice for the role you dream of, but thought you couldn’t get. Especially now. Portfolio Rocket will help you discover why you are the right choice.

Connect with intelligent lifeforms

Find out what resonates with hiring managers, thought leaders and decision makers to attract them to you. Don’t be in the victim state asking for the mercy of their time. The universe is literally at your fingertips. Learn to conquer it.

Commit to go beyond

PortfolioRocket’s Four-Phase (12 week) system is simple with proven strategies that don’t come from a book, youtube, or theory. They come from success stories with my clients who learn how to efficiently approach, activate and win.

System Phases

Four phases over 12 weeks. Discover the Hidden Job Market, your uniqueness, and work to land your dream job.

Ground Control
Search/Source Strategy
‍Problems you solve
‍Unique Selling Point
‍Personal Criteria
‍Content Strategy
Virtual Networking
‍Ethical Line Jumping
‍Interviews (Virtual) Prep
‍Interviews (Virtual)
Sniff Testing
‍Comp Package
‍Virtual Onboarding

I’m Loren Greiff.
 I 🧡 creatives and marketers.

My career took off in NYC as a VP at J.Walter Thompson. For the past 10+ years, I’ve established myself as a top performer recognized for my ability to serve demanding clients, identify talent unicorns, and drive excellence in the industry.

PortfolioRocket is the culmination of more than 25 years in corporate design and marketing positions across Global Agencies, Corporate In-House teams, Creative Staffing and Managing Consulting.

Not a job coach, recruiter or guru…​

If you are still confused and think I am a recruiter, I’m not. It’s not your fault. The entire process is broken so that’s all you know. Until now, navigating to your next career steps has been about the necessary evil of working with a recruiter who will get you “a job” from the open positions they get paid to fill.  You are one of many they sift and sort through to present to their Client. Their goal —  to make a placement, fill a job, and hit their metric. If they fill it with Tom, Dick or Harry they still get paid and their work is done. I know, I’ve been there and I did that. But, I knew there had to be a better, more effective solution… and there is. That solution is accessing the hidden job market. The jobs that happen through the power of connecting virtually. Yes, building connections is the most authentic and result proven strategy to ethically cut the line your competition is idly standing by in while building up their frustrations and burning out.  Want to know more: Book a free 15-minute Discovery Call. If we’re not a fit, don’t worry I will tell you, no hard feelings.

Need a little more Hidden Job Market insight?​
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Why PortfolioRocket?

What's It Like To Work With Loren?
What does NOW look like?

A few success stories.​

Find out from past members how this has been their game changer to their search.

Priyanka Karan
Priyanka Karan
Digital Product Leader

Loren is truly an expert in her craft. She is someone who gets genuine joy in helping people find their next professional homes. Her tactics for uncovering the HIDDEN job market are simple, effective, and should be used by anyone looking for their next move.

Christine Goonan
Christine Goonan

Loren GETS IT and taught me to think differently on how to improve my search, connect and position myself for future employers to want to talk to me. The biggest transition I learned was how I wasn't just a job seeker, but a professional with many successes to share and the tactics to do so.

Scott Nazarian
Scott Nazarian
Principle Design Lead

From the tactical wisdom around LinkedIn networks to the do’s and don’ts of the final interview, Loren is the dynamo in your corner, with energizing critique, making it wonderfully difficult for you to let yourself off the hook.

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