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Focus on your fulfillment rather than your job search

You can’t go through another day of anxiety-inducing job board scrolls like you did yesterday.
A couple of jobs stood out, but you’re wondering how much self-respect you lack to lower your standards to THAT level of compensation.
At least you have opportunities, right? Isn’t that the best attitude to have? It’s not all about the compensation anyway.
Yea, f’ing right.
That’s easy to say for people who aren’t paying YOUR bills
They aren't thinking about the executive life like you. So why think like them?

Imagine finding your ideal position and not relying on a recruiter to sell it to you

You've got the skills. But so does everyone else at this level. And adding another certification to your belt doesn't set you apart.

If it was really that simple, you'd be hired by now.

But that way of thinking is the path of least resistance, not a career. If you play the game "by the numbers" when the numbers are stacked against you, you'll lose every time.
You want the jobs they aren't listing. You want the compensation they aren't offering. And those don't come from adding another skill to your resume.

You aren't looking for a quick fix, and we're not offering one

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where you start to lead

At your level, meeting expectations, an advanced degree or the perfect resume is cost of entry.
That’s why meeting the requirements on the job description is not who gets hired.

You can’t compete on better.
Someone will always be “better” but you can own and win being Remarkably Different.

Welcome to the community of non-statistics and recruiter numbers

Loren Greiff, President and Navigator
The reason you're here in the first place. Loren lived the life that spares you the BS.

If you've got a reason why you can't succeed with us, she's already lived it.

Rock bottom's where she started. The single-parent life still suits her. And she's already kicked cancer's ass once to come back even stronger.

And through all that, she established herself as a top performer recognized for her ability to serve demanding clients, identify talent unicorns, and drive excellence in the industry.

Over 25 years of experience that finally culminates here with you. If career success is what you see in your future, Loren will bring it all to bear to push you there.
Priyanka Karan
Client Services | Technology Business Strategy | Digital Product Leader
Gaston Perez
Global Creative Strategy & Execution | Netflix Animation Creative Marketing

we’re open to being wrong in our methods but if it works, don’t fix it

a curriculum that adapts to a rapidly
changing world

If you put propellant in a rocket older than 2 years old, it'll explode. What do you think it would do to your career?

You won't receive some pre-recorded training videos from 10 years ago. Or someone wanting to break into the "career-coaching" game by buying a speaking spot in our sessions.

Your time isn't for sale. Your future's more important than cutting corners. Your new community comprises people like you, finding their place in the world. Our speakers are leaders in their industry. And the curriculum stays ahead of the curve.

It's never been easier to do the hard work

Wasted time in a non-fulfilling job
brought you here.
TOO MUCH money?
Sure, it comes with a price tag that some find uncomfortable. But bad career moves will burn through
your bank account even faster. With no return on investment.
Too scared to jump into the unknown?
Do it anyways. DO IT SCARED.
We're waiting for you. But we takeoff soon. Don't be left behind.
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over 327 rocketeers and counting