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Career Transformation
Amish Desai
Digital Experience Executive

Loren Grieff is someone you should know and have in your corner. As the personality and subect-matter-expert behind Portfolio Rocket, Loren delivers the right amount of tough-love you’d expect from a modern coach; creating a-ha moments at each and every interaction together. As for her program, she has solved the unmet opportunity of demystifying LinkedIn and shifting your mindset from just being a job seeker to a talented problem solver awaiting to be found through reflective and though-provoking exercises. This shift is a tangible outcome to a very approachable and well-paced program she shares with her community. To sweeten the experience, she brings together a group of like-minded creatives and problem solvers to grow, network, and learn from every week. This was priceless and has lent itself to being part of a community that is truly interested in celebrating your strengths, wins, and milestones as you work to be “found.” I am proud of myself for taking the step to change my game and am proud to say I am stronger because of it. Take the leap, I guarantee Loren will be there to catch you! Thank you Loren Grieff!

Amy Shiller Brown
Account Director

Loren Greiff is all in. She couldn’t be more dedicated to serving her clients and teaching you what she has spent decades learning. She’s a true master of her craft. Taking her class, and joining a cohort makes you one of the lucky ones. You do the work, but she provides the framework and a clear path for your efforts. I have no doubt that my job offer was a direct result of everything she taught me: access the hidden job market, know your value, focus, position yourself for what you want, negotiate for what you are worth, and be rewarded for the value you bring to the table.

WOW where to begin. I am a COVID 2020 layoff and was having absolutely no luck in landing a job. I saw a recommendation video from a colleague who had just finished Loren’s PortfolioRocket class. I was sold. Loren GETS IT and taught me to think differently on how to improve my search, connect and position myself for future employers to want to talk to me. The biggest transition I learned was how I wasn’t just a job seeker, but a professional with many successes to share and the tactics to do so. She also keeps you accountable which is so important. Working with Loren 1:1 and also 2x a week in our group is priceless. I have meet a whole new group of people that are always willing to make an intro, etc. I am now in a contract position with some other options. If you are looking for a new way to think about your job search contact Loren asap.

Adam Miller
Manager, Demand Generation

After becoming one of many Covid layoffs at a previous company and no previous luck with my job search, I sought Loren’s services to help invigorate my job search. I was initially skeptical about how Loren could help, but was pleasantly surprised to have a coach working with me every step of the way. She led me through the job search, interviewing process, and negotiations. By week five, I started a new job as a contractor and was converted to full-time three weeks later. In this unprecedented time, job-seekers need someone like Loren to help get them through this competitive job search. I’m forever thankful for Loren’s help.

Priyanka Karan
Digital Product Leader

Loren is truly an expert in her craft. She is someone who gets genuine joy in helping people find their next professional homes. Her tactics for uncovering the HIDDEN job market are simple, effective, and should be used by anyone looking for their next move. She completely changed my approach to finding a job and held me accountable to the goals and targets I had set for myself. I am really grateful that I met Loren as she has positively impacted both my personal and professional life.

Scott Nazarian
Principle Design Lead

There are as many reasons to engage outside professional perspective as there are professionals. In the “creative” sector, perhaps especially, perspectives, tools and tactics can change quarterly so it’s easy to lose sight of your platform-value: are we telling the right story about our journey, what we’ve done and what we’re doing? Are we engaged in the conversations that will help us learn continually towards professional relevance and offering? And across the spectrum of a career, whether two years or twenty, how can we sustain a sense of our own authenticity in the face of necessary and often unrelenting community exposure to our point-of-view? Exhilarating, daunting…exhausting…all at once. If you’ve thought about these things, you’re likely already on the path to self-improvement. But the real resource in short supply is *energy*. The energy to engage and actualize your professional truth. Loren’s got it.

From the tactical wisdom around LinkedIn networks to the do’s and don’ts of the final interview, Loren is the dynamo in your corner, with energizing critique, making it wonderfully difficult for you to let yourself off the hook. She is a reservoir of wit, grit, scrap and, importantly, an overwatching insight across the shifting and often invisible trends in career management. The 5 Week Blast is a great way to get out of the “echo chamber”, be part of a new-and-different cohort of creative professionals and absorb Loren’s curated insights, with actionable tools and assignments to help you gain momentum. Combined with the 1:1 sessions, Loren’s curriculum has absolutely helped me more effectively pull-focus through both forest and trees.

Loren’s PortfolioRocket program was a tremendous help during my recent job search. The guided curriculum, expert speakers, and weekly meetings all helped me stay motivated and provided me valuable information to improve my search strategy and tactics. I was a skeptic of the networking aspect of the program, but it really does work! However, the game-changer for me was the ability to meet regularly with a team of like-minded pros going through similar circumstances. Job searching is incredibly stressful. But during a pandemic with millions of others, it feels impossible. After almost 5 months of searching/networking, I found myself in the interview process with 4 companies with multiple offers. I was in a position to choose and ultimately selected my favorite opportunity. I’ve been told that was a relatively short period of time, but it felt like an eternity. Don’t do it alone. Join this team. You’ll be glad you did.

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