September 11, 2023
Stop Asking: “What Do I Want To Do Next?” Start Asking “What Problems Do I Want To Solve?”

Stop Asking:  “What Do I Want To Do Next?”

Start Asking “ What Problems Do I Want To Solve?”

Career moves don’t come with a well illustrated instruction manual.

They come with a mess.

Floods of emotions, confusion, reality checks, circumstances and jumbo size cartons of soul searching.

There’s nothing like a job search to put even the most grounded into a tailspin.

Here’s the million dollar secret to spare you millions of hours trying to

“figure it out”

Stop asking:  What do I want to do next?

Instead, ask:

What problem(s) do I want AND love to solve?

Do you thrive making order out of chaos with new processes that save time and money?

Do you know how to find untapped revenue streams to reverse debt and increase profits?

Do you have a knack for building teams to overcome the issue of retention?

Be choosy too.

Just because you’re good at solving that problem, doesn’t  mean you still want to solve it?  

Get gritty asking and answering this question builds your “solutions inventory”  

Your “results bank” grows.

And knowing this, and articulating it makes it easier for decision makers to identify you as their solution.

The world of hiring is filled with all flavors of decision makers.

But there’s one thing they have in common:  

They’re dogged in their pursuit to find the candidate who can alleviate their pain, and their pressing problems.

Your job is to identify them.

For each company, and within each role.  

Sometimes a problem is obvious.

Let’s take AMC, the movie theater chain decimated by streaming services and Covid.  

They’re no longer seen as relevant entertainment as we now know it.

And clearly HUNGRY for innovative solutions right now to stay in the game.

And, sometimes it’s more hidden as in the case of the Peloton.

What happened to the darling of the fitness world?

A problem like this might require inventory strategists,and/or operational solutions

to address the flip to abundant supply and low demand.

The good news: there’s always problems to solve and many if not most are not in the job description.

Roll up your sleeves-Delve into the problems you solve-Use your tools and new tools-Graduate to master sleuth-And network.

The best candidates know what problems they’re great at solving, want to solve and can articulate how they solve them.

What are yours?

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